Zalgo Text Generator

Zalgo Text Generator

Zalgo text, which is sometimes referred to as “corrupted text”. Its a writing style where typographical elements such as combining marks and diacritical markings are inserted into regular text.

How Zalgo Text Generator Tool Works

Zalgo text generators work is by adding different amounts of symbols, diacritical marks, and other typographical components to the source text. The result is a visually deformed and disorganised output since these marks are positioned above, below, or inside the text’s characters.

Zalgo Text Tool Features:

  • Distorted text
  • Creepy text
  • Horror text
  • Glitch text
  • Corrupted text
  • Chaotic text
  • Unreadable text
  • Scary text
  • Weird text
  • Cursed text
  • Altered text
  • Paranormal text
  • Twisted text
  • Dark text
  • Malevolent text
  • Sinister text
  • Mangled text
  • Freaky text
  • Haunted text
  • Abnormal text
  • Eerie text
  • Demented text
  • Spooky text
  • Cryptic text